30 Years of Travel and Exploration

The work that I exhibit is the product of nearly thirty years of travel and exploration -- always with camera in hand. Here at home in California, on many road trip's through the southwestern United States and Mexico and most recently Portugal and Hawaii. I have always been attracted to strong color and light and simple but unexpected images.

My love of old southwestern buildings and the time-worn facades of the desert remain but lately strongly abstract images have come to dominate my new work. I find the effects of time, rust, paint, and weather on the most simple materials to be a most fascinating subject.

When my work is on display, I often get compliments on their 'painterly' quality. While I never seek consciously to take photographs that look like paintings, my work seems to capture certain qualities of paints on canvas.

I look for a combination of color, light and texture - and the creation of mood that follows. In this sense, the subject matter is almost secondary which gives me a lot of freedom in creating these images. In a way my camera becomes my paintbrush, light and color my paints the film my canvas, and texture my very best friend.

Throughout my life in photography, from my earliest black and whites to my recent Cibachromes, and my newest Fuji Crystal Archive Prints my aim has always been to convey a sense of awe and wonder at both the dramatic and the sublime. Your response is my judge. My work is a mix of the bold, powerful and evocative with the soft, subtle and dreamlike.

I am a self-taught photographer, and a life-long resident of Fairfax and a member of the Marin Art's Council.

Larry R. Davidson

Artists Note:
All images are created using conventional photgraphic processes and techniques and have received no digital or computer manipulations or enhancements. Please inquire to discuss particular images and how they came to be.